Course Map

2017 Course Map
You will be faced with 21 insane obstacles spread out over a 3.2 mile course covered in hills, mud, and swamps! We have some of the most fun and challenging obstacles of any race, anywhere! Check out the descriptions below!

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2017 Course Obstacles

1. Mudstacle – Crawl through muck and slime, over mounds of mud and obstacles!
2. Da Hopper – Hop over hurdles from 2-4 feet high!
3. Balance Logs – One Two Many- Try to walk a straight line across the wobbly planks!
4. Glory Hole – Glory Hole- Aren’t you a little curious?
5. Swingy Dingy – Use your grip to get to the other side!
6. Spider Ladder – A spider catches its prey in a web, and locates it by the vibration on each line. Which line your neighbor steps on, could effect the line you are stepping on!
7. Sling Shot  – You get one shot to avoid the mud pit!
8. Rope Climb – Climb a 14 foot rope and ring the bell!
9. Alpine Racing Challenge – Run through the downhill racing gates on steep hills!
10. Mister Mud – Slide down a 200 foot slip and slide into what else…more mud!
11. Over, Under, Through – A potpourri of obstacles to maneuver!
12. Dumpster Dive – Chill for a second in a dumpster full of ice water!
13. Double Diamond – Do you have enough left in the tank to make it up this short but steep section of hill?
14. Chain of Spools – Jumping, balance, and speed will help you here!
15. Rope Swing – Step up on the platform and swing off the 30 foot rope swing and plunge into the cool waters!
16. Tow Rope – Try to be one of the 1% of the people who can tow themselves across a single 180 foot rope between two poles without falling in the mud? You get a free beer if you can!
17. Tire Park – You’ll never look at tires the same!
18. Coco Beach – An 80 foot uphill belly crawl, in the sand, under a special beach blanket!
19. Pet Rock – Pick out a rock, take it around the block!
20. Balance Barrels – There’s nothing stable in this obstacle. You’ll need a perfect blend of speed and balance to keep from face planting!
21. Paul’s Size 24 Boot – Climb up and over Paul’s 16 foot tall and 16 foot long boot! You can use his shoelaces to help you!

*Obstacles are subject to change.