What should I bring?
Some items that may come in handy would be gloves, towel, jug of water for personal wash down, change of clothes, ID for of payment, and a parent or guardian to sign a release form if you are under the age of 18 on race day.

Should I bring an ID?
You will need to show a photo ID in order to receive you race packet. You will also need an ID if you plan on having a beer or two to celebrate your accomplishment!

Will there be race day registration?
Yes! You will not be guaranteed to get a FREE t-shirt if you register on Race Day. You must pre-register in order to get a FREE  t-shirt. T-shirts will not be for sale the day of the race.  So please register early, bring your ID, a parent or guardian if you are under 18, and it’s cash only on race day. Anyone under 18 will not be allowed without a signed release form from your parent or guardian. You must be 10 years old by race day with signed release form to race. Racers 10-17 can run with a parent in the parent/child division with a signed release form. If you choose to register on race day, we will try to let you race with your friends but you may have to wait for the next available heat.

When will I race?
You can choose from 15 different heats, running every half hour from 8am-3pm. Heats will be capped at 100, so once they fill up, you will have to choose another heat. Those who do not pre-register and show up on race day may have to wait for the next available heat. So please register early. PRE-REGISTER to avoid any issues! It’s the only way to be guaranteed to get a FREE t-shirt and discounts. T-shirts will not be sold on race day!

Can I skip an obstacle?
Yes. However, we have designed the course so that you will be able to at least attempt all the obstacles. In the spirit of competition, we expect you will push yourself to try. How fast, slow, smooth or ugly you complete them is up to you!

Can I volunteer?
Yes! If you want to volunteer we would love your help! Individual, teams, and organizations that would like to volunteer can contact us.

Is there going to be food available?
There will be delicious food for sale on site. Coolers and outside food and drink will not be allowed.

Can I watch?
Spectators will have front row seats to some of the best obstacles. Come and cheer people on! There will also be vendors, DJ, food and drinks to enjoy.

What if I get hurt?
Although we designed the course with safety in mind, the chance of injury exists with any sport. We will have Mount Ski Gull Ski Patrol and the Pillager Fire Department on site to handle any bumps and bruises.

When should I arrive?
Please plan to be at registration at least one hour prior to your scheduled race time.

Is there parking?
Parking is $5 per car. No RV’s or trailers please. We should have enough onsite parking for everyone. Offsite parking will be available if needed.

Do you offer a refund?
Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds but we will allow you to transfer your registration to someone else with approval from PBXR Management. If you can’t make it, have a friend pick up your pre-registration t-shirt and swag bag. We will not mail any items that are left.

How will teams be timed?
Teams will be timed on an average time of the whole team, even if you aren’t in the same heat. If a team member can’t make it or can’t finish, the rest of the team members times will count.

Are there any trophies or awards?
Everyone who finishes will receive a special award. Trophies will be awarded to the following:

Winner of Mens and Womens age groups:
19 and up
60 and up

Paul Bunyan Extreme Race Champion- Fastest time of all participants!